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Our Team

TeamAlthough we're proud of our products, services, and technology, nothing matches the pride we have in our staff. You see, we learned long ago that we're really in the business of building relationships. For that reason, we put a premium on hiring only the most qualified individuals to serve on our team.

Every person on our staff is committed to providing excellent customer service and producing high-quality products and services. As you work with us in the future, we're confident that you'll find this to be true.










Diana HerreraDiana Herrera - President, Associated Photo & Imaging

Diana Herrera, President, has more than 25 years of experience in the photo and digital image industry. She leads the company with  a focus on our commitment to taking care of our clients, increasing our product line and finding innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs.
“The Associated Photo & Imaging reputation for high quality imaging and excellent service is our brand and has no equal in the South Florida imaging industry. I have every intention of keeping it that way."

Cindy Alonso

Cindy Alonso - Vice President of Sales

Cindy Alonso, Vice President of Sales is a creative professional with extensive experience in design, technology, and merchandising. Ms. Alonso employs her expertise to complement customer's ideas and to create customized, museum-quality images, exhibits, and marketing campaigns. She is a graduate of the Visual Arts Honors Conservatory at Miami-Dade College.
"Working with clients provides me the opportunity to use my passion for the arts towards helping others realize their vision."


Jessica Herrera

Jessica Herrera - General Manager

Jessica Herrera - General Manager. As Diana’s daughter, Jessica grew up spending her summers here at AP Imaging. When she accepted the challenge of becoming Diana’s right hand, she quickly learned the ropes of the fast paced environment. Her accumulated knowledge and experience over the years set the stage for her to develop a key role in the company.



Kelly Herrera

Kelly Herrera
- Production Coordinator